November being the month of orange crushes, this one is not a pumpkin nor a fallen leaves landscape, but the somewhat conspicuous tangerine covered memoir of American Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington.

Grace, pun intended, gracefully went from gracing the cover of Vogue herself and posing for world famous photographers to channeling the modeling experience into her unparalleled features.

Her work is famous for the narrative-rich, imaginative, romantic character of her shootings and here another most fashionable tale is recounted: her own life. From her childhood in Wales and coming of age model adventures in swinging 60s London and yé-yé Paris, all the way to her big break at Vogue America, the book is also an unexpected insightful source on fashion photography spanning five decades.

Her humble, humorous and never affected tone effortlessly extends from her personality to her memories and the reader’s journey through her life chapters is complemented with ironic vignettes and pictures of her work both in front and behind the camera.

{Grace: A Memoir, Grace Coddington, 2012}


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