Travel Inspiration – Madrid

Here is a short list of my top “Must See” and “Must Do” in Madrid and nearby. Madrid is a beautiful city, with its grand, Parisian-style, boulevards elegance, tall buildings, food and dining culture and all in all 360 degree liveliness. Perfect spot for a long weekend, though you will end up wanting some more.

#1 Museo Thyssen – Bornemisza
This museum is one of my favourites. The salmon coloured interiors are lined up with beautiful plants with an exotic touch. It hosts a very interesting permanent collection, with great temporary exhibitions on top. The one on Eduard Munch running currently, is a wonder!

#2 – Palacio de Crystal
Parque de Buen Retiro is perfect for a Sunday stroll and it hosts a little secret not so secret spot: Palacio de Crystal. Yup, a palace made of glass. And what makes this even more special, is the fact that the glass reflects the shapes and colours of the surrounding trees, making it a mirror of seasonal change.

#3 – Mercado de San Miguel
One word for this…yum! If you never really understood or are not familiar with the tapas culture, Mercado de San Miguel will clarify at a glance. Tasty jamon at each corner, glasses and bottles of red and white wine, or a little cerveza. People standing, enjoying their food. Lively chatter, a divine smell of Spanish delicacies and all in all a great atmsophere.

#4 – Palacio Real
“And we’ll never be royaaaaals…”. I love royal cities! You always have the most amazing buildings and park and they feel sort of…grand. The Palacio Real and area nearby is not so far from Mercado San Miguel, and it will stun you with its architecture and magic gardens.

#5 – Frida
Such a cool restaurant! Cozy and stylish at the same time, Frida welcomes visitors with an Instagram-friendly tropical wallpaper wall, signed in flashy lightbulbs with its name. Menu is inviting, crowd in stylish. We were too early for brunch, but it is for sure a must try!

#6 – Cafe Federal
Another great cafe in Madrid would be Cafe Federal. There we had a perfect morning mix – green juice, avocado toast and quinoa porridge with banana, chocolate and coconut milk. Healthy, filling, delicious! The setting is relaxed, perfect to work, study, read a newspaper and of course to talk with friends for hours and hours! Highly recommended.

#7 – Toledo
This is not actually a Madrid hotspot, but still a must do when visiting the city. Toledo has a distinct exotic flair, combining Mosques, Synagogues and Churches into one spot. The old town is visible when accessing it from the river, enchanting you at first sight. For a premium sight spot, go to the Puente de Alcantara, where you can take the best shots of the city. Walk around, get lost amidst stunning architectural sights, and enjoy delicious tapas and sweet landscapes.

My iPhone 6s Shots


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