Brand Love – Mansur Gavriel on Instagram

The Mansur Gavriel Instagram account is pure perfection. It’s a piece of art, collecting perfectly composed colour schemes, a retro feel touch, high quality photo shoots with models that perfectly represent the brand. A touch of red nail polish. Peep toe shoes. Pink, salmon, orange backgrounds. Still nature in both faded and juicy shades, ranging from fruits and flowers to green leaves staged against neutral backgrounds. Perfectly styled handbags and shoes, eye catchers, like art gallery pieces.

The Instagram account is the perfect wordless expression of the brand’s aesthetic. It speaks clearly about the quality of the craftsmanship and the visual values that tie it all together with a perfect knot. All shots are arranged in harmonic yet never boring order, that perfectly fall together. One look only, and one knows it’s an account to follow and never leave. Check it out here.

Mansur Gavriel Website
BoF – “How Mansur Gavriel Created the first Post-Recession It Bag”

© Mansur Gavriel Instagram


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