4 Reasons To Use Snapchat


Snapchat may appear quite confusing at first sight, stirring reactions such as: “I am already too old for this!”, “This is for Millenials!”, “How the hell did I get on this screen, and how do I get out of here?”, “This stuff is so silly!”. I have been through all of these myself, and now I can just say one thing about Snapchat: I love it! It is my favourite way to consume content, get and feel informed about the zeitgeist, and I very often find it to be the perfect way to share specific moments. The fact that co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel (25) is dating my favourite model Miranda Kerr is just the kind of unnecessary gossip bit that adds to its appeal*.

#1 – The Discover Function

#2 – The Live Stories

#3 – Instant Communication

#4 – The Selfie Filters

*Funny quote from Net-A-Porter’s The Edit article:

“When asked if he doesn’t feel like a younger man then, Kerr, 32, replied with “a wink,” “Well, in some ways he does. I’m telling you, I’ve got the best of both worlds!”


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