Snapchat Discover


The Discover function is my favourite thing about Snapchat and my favourite way to consume news and content, from my favourite publishers. Β Only selected media partners are present, just 17 in total. These have to comply to the highest quality standards, tonality, content fit. By clicking on a “bubble”, one can get a daily dose of selected content bits from said publisher.

Images are animated and the content varies from short videos, Internet memes just there to be shared, and full on articles. On top, there are also mini polls and images that you can Snap, edit, and send to your contacts. One just needs to tap or swipe to get to the next content piece, and when an article or video is available the extra content can be read by scrolling down. After a series of taps/swipes, daily content is over and the publisher invites you to meet back on Snapchat the following day.

I love it to consume lifestyle media pros Refinery29 and Buzzfeed, get some Daily Mail gossip, wanderlust craving with National Geographic, tech news from Mashable, foodie fix from Tastemade and the Food Network and then serious CNN news.

More info on Snapchat’s blog.


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