Snapchat Communication

Tory Burch on Snapchat
Tory Burch on Snapchat

Snapchat is all about instant communication – with friends and contacts, and as bits that get published to one’s Story. Communication goes fast. Whether a video, a picture or a selfie, these are only shown to your contacts for a few seconds and then they are gone forever (unless you pay for the premium service that lets you save snaps). Exceptions are the snaps uploaded to the Story feed (yours or of the accounts you follow). These are shown for a longer amount of time, which is likely never longer than a day

Either way, snaps are the missing link between all the other communication forms available and one of the reasons to love Snapchat. Instead of posting videos to one’s Facebook feed or sending over privately on WhatsApp or Messenger, Snapchat lets you quickly craft and edit a small, likely irrelevant piece of content by taking a quick video or pic, adding filters and emojis to it and sending over to your friends or publish it on your Story. You are watching Dirty Dancing? Quickly film the watermelon line part, and send over to your friends/your Story with watermelon emojis to share your favourite part of the film. Likely not something you would share anywhere else, or that you can edit so well and fast by combining text, images, videos etc. One can communicate directly with close friends or add contacts such as celebrities and brands to follow their snaps on the Story feed.

Who to follow to get the hang of it and understand the special communication of Snapchat? To begin with, I recommend the following accounts, one creative individual and one brand (will add more as I discover new great ones):

  • AnnStreetStudio – If there is such a thing as Snapchat communication etiquette, Jamie Beck has plenty of it. You can really watch and learn how she experiments with emojis, videos, and little Snapchat tricks.
  • modaoperandi – Great if you are into Fashion Week catwalk shows. Best live feed I have seen so far.
  • The White House– This channel is also great, if you are the House of Cards person, real life White House life will blow your mind.

King of Snapchat is then of course DJ Kahled, not my style but undisputed success. In the end following any of one’s favourite celebrities and brands gets you hooked and craving more and more snaps (Miranda Kerr and Glossier totally work for me).

© Tory Burch


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