Sweet Spot – Sketch London

No better time than London Fashion Week for the mind to wander to all the great London hotspots. Among these, Sketch always stands out as a true lifestyle spot that can’t be missed or skipped. Just behind Oxford Circus in Conduit Street, the restaurant is gloriously furnished and decorated, with different rooms serving different purposes and occasions, and featuring different styles. It feels partly like a playground, part like a very British Alice In The Wonderland-style madhouse.

The most famous and Instagram-worthy room is without any The Gallery, with its pink velvety surfaces and the great display of David Shrigley‘s sketches. So appropriate considering the name of the restaurant, right? This is the kingdom of the most stylishly served and designed Afternoon Tea. Plates and cutlery are also designed by the artist…such an artsy break!

You can also bring home their most exquisite paper bag, but the real treat? The futuristic toilets. If you ever felt the need to go to the loo inside an egg, here your dream can come true.

My iPhone6 shots


2 thoughts on “Sweet Spot – Sketch London

    • giginspiration

      Highly recommended, I go every time that I am in London! Don’t miss the egg toilets 😉 Saw you wrote about the restaurant on the Shard on your blog, so would love to try it! And Sticks’n Sushi was a Copenhagen favourite for me 🙂


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