Brand Love – Frank Body

Frank Body Every Day Face MoisturiserFrank Body Original Coffee Scrub

Why is it that beauty brands tend to do online communication, branding and social media so well? Enter the online world of Frank Body, and you will find it extremely convincing, without even having tried the legendary scrubs.

Main product line of Australian brand Frank Body is a coffee body scrub targeting cellulite, stretch marks and overall imperfections. This comes in different variants and fragrances (like coconut, mmmm!) and is complemented by a body balm and similar products targeting the face and the lips. Ingredients are natural and simple.

So what is there to love about Frank Body?

#1 The Website

The website is just so cool! Huge product features with animated backgrounds of slender gorgeous models in nude underwear applying the scrubs, or the pretty products laying on nice sinks and bathtubs. All pink, beiges, and complementary pastel colors. Also, ingredients and descriptions are laid out nicely with lovely drawings and all the content is easy to consume and absorb. Have a look, won’t be disappointed! Best thing? Don’t need to wait on a trip to Australia, but can just order the products directly from their website, with free shipping. Yay!

#2 The Packaging 

Logo, fonts, colors are so soft and inspiring. Feels like purchasing some cute concept store item rather than a scrub, and these come packaged in brown paper bags and boxes that are just so instagrammable.

#3  The Online Communication 

Frank Body accompanies you everywhere with entertaining content that stimulates interest in the product. Also, most of it is just great images and inspiration representing the brand, and setting the mood. As stated on the website, he is “a social guy”, and you can quickly sneak a peak at scrubbed gorgeous ladies on Instagram, and discover entertaining clips on Snapchat and YouTube. And of course the unifying hashtag that ties together all the content is not missing: #thefrankeffect and #letsbefrank.Your feed will soon be populated with sexy bathing bodies full of dirty scrub particles…yay?

#4 The Product

I haven’t tried the product yet, but the idea of a coffee scrub to treat those unfriendly areas is just too good, instead of thinking of layering expensive oils and creams that usually smell and feel unpleasant. Also, the lip balm and scrub look like just what those winter chapped lips are in need for. My wish list? The Original Coffee Scrub, the Body Balm and the Lip Scrub and Lip Balm Duo.

©Frank Body


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