Travel Inspiration – Marrakech

Marrakech is a must see for any style lover out there. The city is vibrant in colors and harmonious in their composition. Endless sand buildings and rooftops, spots of soft green with palm trees everywhere and a stunning border circling it out: snow-capped Atlas mountains.

The city is bustling and full of life in the Medina, yet offers the perfect oasis of rest in its varied Riads. Also, most restaurants and gardens are truly magic, with their smells, variety of plants, decoration and calm.

While one cannot miss the typical tourist sights: souks, Medina tours, buildings and cultural attractions, the true Marrakech lifestyle can be experienced at its best when knowing the right spots to eat, relax, take in all the #Moho (Moroccan Boho) beauty. Below, my top picks and to dos:

#1 -Visit Jardin Majorelle

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.24.45

Yves Saint Laurent used to reside here with his partner Pierre Bergé and the two got to create an outstanding garden. One can see all sorts of exotic plants coming from all corners of the world, building a perfect cocktail of perfumes that inebriate. The place is also cool, calm and a perfect pool of visual inspiration. The house has a striking blue and yellow combination, and the blue dominating in the garden and outdoor elements has gotten because of this the name of Blue Majorelle.

#2 – Stay in a Riad in the Medina 

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.25.20.png

While outside the Medina one can find charming and luxurious hotels, the best way to get a feel of Marrakech is to stay in the heart of it and sleep in the varied and very typical Riads. Riads are oasis of peace, calm, coolness. They each have their own unique style and appeal, but also many elements in common. Normally you can find gorgeous courtyards with open roofs, a rooftop terrace, sometimes a swimming pool. They are decorated with typical Moho elements and colours. Low couches with colorful pillows, silver trays, vibrant carpets, all sorts of green plants, candles. They also smell amazing, with essential oils ranging from orange flowers to jasmine.  Researching and picking one is the best part of booking a trip to Marrakech, as the interior pictures offer a truly dreamy preview of the trip. You can find a collection of good quality Marrakech Riads here.

#3 – Have lunch at Le Jardin 

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.34.29.png

Le Jardin is a veritable green oasis in the middle of the Medina. Quite literally, a garden. Palm and green leaves, the occasional turtle walking around the tables, tiles, the typical straw hats hanging around most eating spots in Marrakech make for a stylish yet laid back atmosphere. Food is unsurprisingly delicious ranging from tagine to salads with fresh veggies and fruits also adding to refreshing juices and mock-tails.

#4 –  Collect visual inspiration at Palais Bahia 

Bahia Palace Marrakech

Both architecture and interiors in Marrakech are blessed with vibrant colours and a vegetation that brings perfume and texture to all environments. Palais Bahia is a perfect example of this, where one can admire tile work, the strong blues and warm yellows colour combinations, outdoor areas and courtyards filled with all sorts of plants and interesting visual corners at every turn.

#5 – Treat yourself at La Mamounia

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.18.31.png

Treat yourself and spend a day at La Mamounia. One can enjoy the outdoor and indoor pools, sauna, spa, delicious lunch, dinner and drinks in its various restaurants and bars. The outdoor swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and elegant waiters dressed in white is the perfect place to catch some sun in quiet, while the indoor pools have an admirable interior, where once can truly blow off some steam. For a drink, one can choose between different bars, but the truly enchanting one is the Bar Italien: burgundy velvet, jazz music. Wherever the eye rests, one finds timeless elegance here.

#6-  Take a break at Café des Épices

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.36.10.png

One of the most famous Marrakech cafes, Café des Épices overlooks the lively Place des Épices just opposite of Nomad. Here you can choose to settle in one of the different floors or on the terrace and enjoy the bliss of Wi-Fi together with the meal or snack of your choice, such as a fresh orange juice or a healthy salads with veggies in all colours of the rainbow. Such a true Marrakech experience that cannot be missed, as the café truly pulses with the rhythm of the Medina..

#7 – Escape the city at La Pause in the Agafay Desert 

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.18.41.png

The Marrakech Medina is an intense experience made of colourful, dusty, busy streets, bustling noise, miriads of people and diverse smells and visual impressions. Such activity really calls for a balancing break, and there is nothing better than a visit to the nearby Agafay desert to truly escape it all. La Pause is an enchanting resort in the middle of the desert that offers the best experience of this unique environment. No electricity here, but instead a true oasis, with beautiful outdoor spots and a selection of offers ranging from meals, an overnight stay, quads, horse riding and camel rides.

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