Travel Inspiration – Mainau & Konstanz


Bodensee, or Lake Constance is a very special lake situated between three countries: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The area definitely has a riviera feeling: lots of flowers everywhere, a relaxed pace, sweet shops, cafes, restaurants and interiors, the water, the gentle breeze. What makes Bodensee really stunning is also undoubtedly the view of snow-capped mountains in the background, which call for a sigh at every glimpse.s local white wine.

Just approximately 30 minutes from Konstanz and reachable by bus or ferry, is the island of Mainau, also very appropriately named the “Flower Island”.  Here one finds an endless collection of blooms, a greenhouse, a butterfly house and lots of small attractions all revolving around the themes of nature, gardening, botanics.

Below some visual impressions of Mainau and a few addresses in Konstanz that can make the trip worth your while:

Addresses in Konstanz


Wonderful industrial chic interior, delicious sushi selection as well as local white wine. Can really recommend the Tempura Garnelen and Mango and Coconut ice cream as dessert.


Holly’s is a restaurant and interior shop situated by the river. It has a very cool maritime slash eccentric interior and one feels truly on holiday here. Great burgers, salads, ice-cream and nice selection of lemonades.

Cafe Ignaz 

Last but not least is Cafe Ignaz. Here we had a figs and goat cheese Flammkuchen with delicious Riesling.

Impressions of Mainau 

Mainau Island Views

Relaxed island views


Magic trees, magic leaves

Pink Blooms Mainau

Bursts of pink blooms

Mainau Island Tulips

Tulips fields

Green Leaves Mainau

Captivating Leaves


Orchids in the Greenhouse

My iPhone6 Shots


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